Artist Bio and Statement

Artist Bio

After completing a profession in education as a photographer/graphic designer, Richard started a second career in Fine Art Photography. He is representing his work in national and international exhibitions, where he has won numerous awards. He received a BA degree in Studio Art from Hope College, where he experimented with photo imagery and went on to complete graduate work in intaglio printmaking at Michigan State University.


Artist Statement

The images on this website are black & white and color photo montages. They are computer assembled from hundreds of photographs using a rigorous selection process. Formal composition is integral in the image creation. A key inspiration is from the painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” by George Seurat. In my montages as in Seurat’s painting the background serves as a stage on which figures and props are meticulously arranged. The resulting creations  blur the boundaries separating photography and painting because the way in which they are computer enhanced and composed.

My works emerge like visionary postcards sent from 20th century America. Their narratives are fueled by thoughts and visuals gleaned from Modernism, television and film entertainment, Madison Avenue, Surrealism and nostalgia. I am freely playing with America’s embellished past as I present staged scenes of everyday life and carefully arranged still lifes  where reality and dream coexist.